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Super Bowl 51

Would have been kismet if the Bears had made it to Super Bowl 51, since 51 is the number of one of their greatest players ever.  But as we all know, they weren't even close.

With the Draft and free agency to come, perhaps they can make a significant step up.  It will be Ryan Pace's 3rd year with the team, and that is when he should have his plans in place and truly begin filling the roster with those to implement his plans.

The draft is a complete crapshoot of course.  One can make some informed opinions and choices based on a player's college career, but there is no guaranteed formula.  It is a guessing game on whether those you choose can translate their skills and personalities into the pro level.  So since this is not an exact science, the most important aspect for a team in my opinion is going with players they are comfortable with and feel they can work with.  Bring them into the fold to be assimilated into your ways.  And if you chose well, reap the rewards though not always immediately of course.

There is 1 potential free agent I would love to see the Bears entice to Chicago.  And that would be Eric Berry, Safety from the Chiefs.  He has recently made it known he will not play for the Chiefs again under the franchise tag.  That should motivate the Chiefs to sign him long term as he is that good.  But if they say no thanks, the Bears absolutely need to be at the front of the line of potential suitors.

I guess we'll see.


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Last week = 1-1
Regular Season Total = 152-102-2
Playoffs Total = 8-2

Super Bowl 51

This has the potential to be a pretty high scoring and competitive game (so watch it end up 13 -10 or something).  I have no dog in this fight so just want it to be a good game.

Falcons winning would be cool as it would be their first ring.

Patriots winning would be cool to see how the trophy presentation goes.

I'd like this to be the first overtime Super Bowl ... 42-42 at end of regulation like an Arena League game.

I am picking Atlanta for no reson other than it being a franchise in need of a ring.

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