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the post season the Bears aren't in

With the Bears season over, and the College Playoffs with a new Champion, it is time for an early guess at what the Bears might do in the draft.

The Bears have the #3 overall pick.  So what will they do with it?

"With the 3rd selection in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears -"

A) draft Deshaun Watson from Clemson - Pace is kind of in a quandary at QB.  Cutler has all the talent to be great, but isn't, but he has the endorsement of the ownership group, however much that means.

I'm not sure there is a college QB out there who is going to be worth spending that #3 pick on this year when there are so many other holes (especially on defense) and so many options from college blue chippers on the defensive side.  I think Deshaun Watson is the best of the available QB bunch, so if the Bears are determined to get one as a priority, I think he would be the pick.


B) trade the pick - I think the Bears can reap a boatload of picks for their #3 as someone is going to be desperate enough to want one of the QB's who should be drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round in the first round.  Mitch Trubisky is being the highly touted one at the moment, but he has 1 year of play in college to judge by and I think taking him in the first round is a reach.  Hopefully another team wanting to do the reaching will pay the Bears to do so.

So I remain on the fence.  I would like the Bears to turn that #3 into many more picks to do the most good.  On the other hand, I wouldn't be disappointed if the Bears take Watson and officially say bye to Cutler. Watson, Howard and Jeffery - the new trifecta of good.  Add a healthy O-Line, and we have something.

Or hey - rumors out of New Orleans are the Saints and Drew Brees may be parting ways.  Draft day trade to bring Brees to Chicago?


Weekly picks -

Last week = 3-1
Regular Season Total = 152-102-2
Playoffs Total = 3-1

Divisional Playoffs

Saturday January 14th:

Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons - Falcons haven't had a team this high powered since ... ever?  I think it is time for Atlanta to shine and take that step up to the next level.

my pick : Falcons

Houston Texans @ New England Patriots - if Houston even manages to make this a game I'll be impressed.

my pick : Patriots

Sunday January 15th:

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs - I think this is going to be the best, and most closely contested, game of the weekend.  Both teams can run, but I give an edge to the Steelers at QB (even if Big Ben does have a hurt foot).

my pick : Steelers

Goon Bay Packers @ Dallas Cokeboys - the best thing to happen would be if the stadium collapsed and took out both teams.

my pick : Packers

Jordan Howard named to NFL Pro Bowl.  He replaces
Cardinals running back David Johnson who is unable to play.
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