boris13c (boris13c) wrote,

week 17 - only 1 more game then we can flush this turd of a season

So, I see how it is.  I post something praising Barkley even though the Bears lost to the hated Packers, and he thanks me by throwing 5 interectpions to lead an ass kicking of a loss against Washington.

Thanks Matt.  Hope Santa took a shit in your stocking.

In spite of his Cutler-esque performance (Jay once threw 4 interceptions in a game to the same Washington player), I still see enough hope in Barkley that he should definitely be part of the training camp lineup.

And that's all I'm going to write this week.  I had all sorts of notes and in depth dialogue, but fuck it.  This team at this stage is simply not work the time.

So instead :


Weekly picks -

Last week = 11-5
Season = 140-98-2

Bears @ Vikings - would love to see the Bears end on an up beat, especially since a win won't really hurt their draft position ... Vikings haven't exactly been stellar at home this year and are a very beatable team ... Barkley recovers enough to have more TD's than Int's this week, the Bears have a shot

Bears 20
Vikings 18

the rest of my Week 17 picks (home team in CAPS) :

ATLANTA over New Orleans
CINCINNATI over Baltimore
DETROIT over Goon Bay
Houston over TENNESSEE
INDIANAPOLIS over Jacksonville
New England over MIAMI
NY JETS over Buffalo
PITTSBURGH over Cleveland
TAMPA BAY over Carolina
DENVER over Oakland
Arizona over LOS ANGELES
Kansas City over SAN DIEGO
Seattle over SAN FRANCISCO

let the Bears season crash to a close
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