Emissions from the Bears Nebula

by boris13c

Week 12 - Happy Thanksgiving
Bears Helmet


Weekly picks -

Last week = 8-6
Season = 89-70-2

Tennessee Titans @ Chicago Bears - Cutler is out, maybe for the rest of the year, and however weirdly sporadic he may be, he is the best the Bears have to offer.  Matt Barkley gets the start, and David Fales will probably finally see some live NFL regular season action in relief.  And I think Tennessee will do to the Bears what they did to Goon Bay.

Titans 34  Bears 16

The rest of my week 12 picks (home team in CAPS):

DETROIT over Minnesota
DALLAS over Washington
Pittsburgh over INDIANAPOLIS
ATLANTA over Arizona
BUFFALO over Jacksonville
NY Giants over CLEVELAND
MIAMI over San Francisco
NEW ORLEANS over Los Angeles
BALTIMORE over Cincinnati
San Diego over HOUSTON
Seattle over TAMPA BAY
New England over NY JETS
OAKLAND over Carolina
DENVER over Kansas City

Week 11 - looking forward to the off season
Bears Helmet
It is time for all Bears fans to accept what has been suspected all along :  Rex Grossman + Jeff George = Jay Cutler.

In the Grossman era we had Good Rex / Bad Rex.  With Cutler, we have Good Jay (the awesome win over Minnesota) / Bad Jay (the abysmal head-in-the-ass effort against Tampa Bay).

Jeff George's entire career was summed up as a guy with an attitude and big arm, but who could never lead to a win when he had to.  Cutler is his brother.

A football team needs leadership and direction.  The coaches provide the direction, but it is up to the players to provide the leadership.  And it doesn't happen by popular vote, but by players stepping up to the task.  Traditionally, one of the key leaders of a successful team is the QB.  And if your QB has multiple personality disorder, then the results will follow in a roller coaster pattern of success and failure that will drive everyone nuts.  And that is exactly what the Bears are - Sybil in cleats.

There are now stories of this being Cutler's last season as a Bear, but unfortunately there are no follow up supporting stories as what the plan is to replace him.  Brian Hoyer?  Um, no.  A newly drafted rookie?  Would certainly be nice for the Bears to join the modern era and draft, then develop, a young QB.

I say they clean the QB house as soon as the season ends.  Thanks for the good and the bad Jay.  See ya.  Thanks for being a solid backup Brian.  Seek your fortunes elsewhere.  Mr. Barkley?  Practice squad or nothing for you.  Maybe try the Arena League for a while?

That would mean the Bears have the entire off season to see what is available and develop a strategy.  The need to choose wisely, something historically they have been unable to do, and the sorry "wtf?" list of Bears starting QB's post McMahon is a sorry list of ineptitude, with a random partial sprinkling of competence, that proves my point.

They also have a guy with promise recovering from injury (Connor Shaw), but that injury was gruesome and devastating.  And I have not heard if he is even coming back from it.  Would be a sad short career for him if he is done for good since he showed promise in his brief playing time.  I'm wishing him well.

None of the college QB's are being overly fawned over by the "experts", but I see that as a good sign there are probably at least 3 future HoFers in the upcoming draft class.  Deshaun Watson of Clemson is my personal favorite of those who will be available.  And this is mainly because I've gotten to see him play a lot.  He has consistent, if not spectacular, quality with bursts of greatness.  And I'll take that.

So going into training camp, I would like to see Connor Shaw, Deshaun Watson, and a veteran other than Cutler or Hoyer who is cut loose by someone.  Or maybe Mike Glennon can be pried loose from Tampa Bay for a 3rd round pick.

Wiping the board clean and starting over is the only viable option in my opinion.  Anything less will just be a continuation of the current circle jerk.


Weekly picks -

Last week = 6-8
Season = 81-64-2

Bears @ NY Giants

The Giants can be beaten and Eli can be controlled, and if the same Bears team that beat Minnesota shows up, they can give the Giants fits.

The wild card for the Bears is #6.

If Good Jay makes an appearance - Bears 26 Giants 20

If Bad Jay shows up - Giants 33 Bears 16

I'm rooting for Good Jay.  He owes us.

The rest of my week 11 picks (home team in CAPS) :

New Orleans over CAROLINA
CINCINNATI over Buffalo
Pittsburgh over CLEVELAND
DALLAS over Baltimore
DETROIT over Jacksonville
Tennessee over INDIANAPOLIS
KANSAS CITY over Tampa Bay
Arizona over MINNESOTA
Miami over LOS ANGELES
New England over SAN FRANCISCO
SEATTLE over Philadelphia
WASHINGTON over Goon Bay
OAKLAND over Houston

bye = Atlanta, Denver, NY Jets, San Diego

no title

Week 10 - let the second half of the season be better please
Bears Helmet
I pondered little about football during the Bears bye week.  Only a couple of games even had me interested a little bit.  So like the Bears, I was pretty much off from football.  And it didn't used to be that way.

Not that long ago, I lived and breathed football on Sundays.  I prepped for them by watching cartoons rather than any of the utterly pathetic pre-game shows.  But once the opening kickoff of my chosen game 1 of the day occurred, I was in, only emerging from my personal basement sports bar for routine kitchen trips.  Friends knew they were welcome to come over, but that I was otherwise unavailable for other activities.

Not so much any more.  I've already missed a week when the Bears were actually playing (vs Indy), and that would never happen.  For a multitude of reasons, I'm just not feeling it any more.  And apparently I'm not the only one bailing as viewership has dropped significantly according to those who track such things.

I think the current NFL Commissioner can be thanked for a lot of people simply tuning out.  He is a clueless dickweed, pure and simple.  He says the league is concerned about player conduct, yet does not even try to do due diligence on any disciplinary measures until his hand is forced by details of misdeeds being made public.  He says the league is concerned about player safety, yet they continue with these idiot Thursday Night games, head-in-the-ass part time officials, and a fine leavening system that costs a player more for celebrating a touchdown with too much enthusiasm than for cheap shotting and injuring another player on the field.  And of course you have him doing his best to try to make the NFL an international sport with regular season games in foreign lands.  Roger Goodell, you are an assclown.  Go to hell.

The games are often slowed to an almost unwatchable pace by the afore mentioned head-in-the-ass officials.  Let's take this past Monday Night as a prime example of their ineptitude.  Buffalo lines up for a field goal attempt, Richard Sherman jumps off sides and plows into the kicker.  The penalty?  Only the off sides.  According to that bunch of drunken ass remoras the clobbering of the kicker didn't count.  It damn well should have and it should have been a personal foul 15 yarder.  And because Carpenter had to be momentarily looked at by the training crew, he had to leave the game for a play.  So instead of kicking the field goal 5 yards closer, they lose 3 on the spike.  Now there is 1 second left and Carpenter comes in for the field goal.  The officials for some bizarre reason continue to stand over the ball until the play clock is down to 5 seconds.  By the time they set up for the kick, they get flagged for delay of game.  Why no reset of the game clock when the ball was signaled as being in play?  That's what the rules call for.  Oh but that is me being silly expecting a group of jackasses in stripes to actually be enforcing rules.

The NFL's response was typically useless.  They admitted, after it was too late to do anything about it of course, that there should have been a 15 yard penalty on Seattle.  They also admitted, again too late to be of any use, that the play clock certainly should have been reset.  Then today they fined Sherman $9,000 for his illegal hit, while in week 9 there were 3 players fined $15,000 each for excessive celebrations.  And of course Goodell and his band of ass droppings (aka staff members) see nothing wrong with that.

NFL has a new acronym in my book - Now For Losers.  And I think I'm going to stop being one by wasting my time on what is now a terrible product.  I'll watch the Bears game on Sunday, but that will be the only one.  Wean myself away for next year when I cancel my NFL Sunday Ticket and then won't even have the Bears once a week.  And I'm betting if things continue as they are, I won't be the only one doing that.


Weekly picks -

Last week = 9-4
Season = 75-56-2

Bears @ Tampa Bay

Hope the Bears players did some soul searching during their bye week.  Their 2-6 first half ended on an impressive upbeat note, but was that win a sign of good things to come or merely an anomaly?

Tampa Bay isn't great, but they don't suck either, so this will be a good test right out of the bye week.  Can the Bears reverse their trends and go 6-2 in the second half of the season?  This game will present some evidence of that being possible or not.

I'll go with the Bears.

The rest of my week 10 picks (home team in CAPS) :

Thursday Night shit fest - RAVENS over Browns
Goon Bay over TENNESSEE
NEW ORLEANS over Denver
NY JETS over Los Angeles
PHILADELPHIA over Atlanta (Wentz wins a QB duel)
WASHINGTON over Minnesota
CAROLINA over Kansas City
SAN DIEGO over Miami
ARIZONA San Francisco
Dallas over PITTSBURGH
NEW ENGLAND over Seattle
Cincinnati over NY GIANTS

bye week = Buffalo, Detroit, Indianapolis, Oakland

Chicago Bears 3D Logo Wallpaper  Thumbnail 300px.jpg

Week 9 - a Bear revival or just another tease?
Bears Helmet
So just when I am ready to accept yet another lost season, the Bears go and play well.  EXTREMELY well.  Their win over the Vikings was the most enjoyable Bears game I've watched in some time.  Offense, defense, special teams all in harmony.

The Offensive Line set the tone for the night.  They established early that Cutler would be protected and Howard would have running lanes, and both excelled as a result (congrats to Mr. Howard for his NFC Offensive Player of the Week award).  Considering the 2 starting Guards that night were listed as backups for positions other than Guard speaks volumes about their character and value.  And the wall of protection for the Howard touchdown run was simply a beautiful thing to wtch be set up.  Howard could have walked in for the score.

The return of Cutler was impressive.  Seemed like he had a lot more focus than normal, which is routinely one of his faults.  Not on Monday Night.  His passes were crisp and on the money.  One of his most accurate throws hit Jeffrey right in the back of the helmet for the comedy play of the night.  Alshon also let a sure TD pass go right through his hands and off his face.  Maybe he forgot about Cutler's arm?

And the defense made Bradford's life in the pocket a living hell pretty much all night.  That allowed them to jump the short routes in pass coverage because Bradford rarely had time to stand back and go through his progression.  Only thing wrong the defense did was allow the garbage time TD with 5 minutes to go.  Normally that would have been time for the opposition to get the ball back and score again on the Bears.  But not on this night.

The Bears proceeded to execute a yardage grinding clock chewing drive that almost ran the clock out.  It was the most impressive display I have seen from them in a long long time.  They just lined up and ran it right down the Vikings throats.  "Hey purple pukes.  We're running the ball.  And you can't stop us."  That was almost beautiful enough to bring a tear to one's eye.

The Bears have their bye this week.  Perhaps it will give them time to reflect upon just how good they can be.  I'm not ready to break out the Kool Aid pitcher again, but the rest of their schedule does not look overwhelming.  And if they can match the focus and effort they displayed in beating a very good Vikings team, they may just have something.  Guess we'll see.


Weekly picks -

Last week = 6-6-1
Season = 66-52-2

Wtf is with the ties this year?  2 already in 1 season?  I can't remember the last time that happened.

The picks (home team in CAPS) :

Atlanta over TAMPA BAY
Dallas over CLEVELAND
KANSAS CITY over Jacksonville
MIAMI over NY Jets
MINNESOTA over Detroit
Philadelphia over NY GIANTS
Pittsburgh over BALTIMORE
Carolina over LOS ANGELES
New Orleans over SAN FRANCISCO
GREEN BAY over Indianapolis
SAN DIEGO over Tennessee
OAKLAND over Denver
SEATTLE over Buffalo

bye = Arizona, Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, New England, Washington

Jordan Howard - NFC Offensive Player of the Week

Week 8 - the return of Jay
Bears Helmet

"Long Live Jay!  Oh Jay can you see ...."

Ah, you just know your team's football season has no hope when the best one can come up with is humor from movies to apply to the situation.

Jay Cutler will make his return to the starting lineup Monday Night against the Vikings.  Kind of fortuitous he became healthy enough to play about the same time Brian Hoyer broke his arm.  Not trying to advocate any kind of conspiracy or anything ... or maybe I am.  With the way Barkley played when thrown in against the Packers, Cutler at less than 100% is the better option.  John Fox had some sort of complimentary things to say about Cutler's return as starter.  When Cutler was asked about it, he responded "it's not like he has a choice".

And let us ponder that for a moment.

It would seem things are not at all rosy between Cutler and Fox.  And it is pretty much a given that if Hoyer had stayed healthy, Cutler may have never played again this year.  The Bears can simply let him walk at the end of the year without any impact on the salary cap.  But what sort of impact would it have on the team?

Cutler is the Bears current enigma - all the talent to be a true upper tier QB but one who has never come closer than middle of the pack.  Granted, not all of his failures are directly his fault, but he has contributed.  He has teased Bears fans with the potential of that rocket arm, but has never found a way to win over the city or win enough games.  Again, the losing isn't all on him, but the losses that were at times defied belief and usually involved an interception (or 2 or 3) directly to a defender.

Now what about Cutler's comment of Fox not having a choice?  Well, there's a can of worms.  Historically, the Bears have just never figured out what to do with the QB position and those who play it.  And the laundry list of names long forgotten and those we would like to forget who have lined up under center for the Bears is pretty much the definition of suck.  Or to suck.  Or be sucky.  I think you get it.

Don't know why this is, but really do wish it could/would change.

So with no one but Cutler and a very green and not ready for primetime Barkley to choose from, Cutler was dead on with his statement.  Fox had no choice but to start Cutler because the Bears do not have a QB in waiting.  Nor do they have a QB to groom for the future.  And they don't seem to have a lot of interest in addressing this.

So the likely scenario to begin the 2017 season is Hoyer (Fox's man) as the Bears starter, a who-the-hell-are-these-guys? group taking training camp snaps to see who might shake out as having a clue, Cutler off to another city, and likely no QB drafted.  What a wonderful recipe for success that is, eh?

Maybe it is time to bring back the T Formation.  Or maybe the Single Wing.  Make their default uniform for the season their throwback uniform, and let the team and us pretend it is once again 1925.  Hell, might even be entertaining.


Weekly picks -

Last week = 9-5-1
Season = 60-46-1

Minnesota @ Chicago, Monday Night - I don't know why the Bears have had 4 nationally televised games in the 8 weeks of the season.  And I don't appreciate that with this game, the Bears are likely going to be 0-4 in them.  Philadelphia showed the league how to beat the Vikings, but not everyone has Philly's defense.  For the Bears to have a chance, they need to do their best carbon copy, if not in design then at least by results.  I don't see it happening though.

Vikings 26  Bears 16

The rest of my week 8 picks (home team in CAPS) :

TENNESSEE over Jacksonville
CINCINNATI over Washington
ATLANTA over Goon Bay
New England over BUFFALO
INDIANAPOLIS over Kansas City
NEW ORLEANS over Seattle
Oakland over TAMPA BAY
Detroit over HOUSTON
DENVER over San Diego
Arizona over CAROLINA
Philadelphia over DALLAS

bye week = Baltimore, Los Angeles, Miami, NY Giants, Pittsburgh, San Francisco

Fox - "So, guess we are a team again eh?"

Cutler - "What do you mean we?"

Week 7 - and I surrender
Bears Helmet
I surrender all of the hope and optimism I had going into this season.  The Bears leading 13-0 going into the 4th quarter against Jacksonville and losing 17-16 successfully eliminated any remaining burning embers of hope I may have had.

I am deeply dissappointed in this sad sack bunch of under achieving knuckleheads, who along with an ultra conservative, play-not-to-lose coaching staff, might find it difficult to defeat a Division III College opponent at the moment.

Thanks assholes.


Weekly picks -

Last week = 9-6
Season = 51-41

Bears @ Goon Bay

Oh joy.  The Bears get to embarrass themselves for the 3rd time on a nationally televised game.  If Goon Bay does not win by at least 20, they suck.

Goon Bay 44  Beatable Bumbling Bears 10

The rest of my Week 7 Picks (home team in CAPS) :

NY Giants over LOS ANGELES
CINCINNATI over Cleveland
DETROIT over Washington
TENNESSEE over Indianapolis
KANSAS CITY over New Orleans
Buffalo over MIAMI
Baltimore over NY JETS
PHILADELPHIA over Minnesota
ATLANTA over San Diego
SAN FRANCISCO over Tampa Bay
New England over PITTSBURGH
ARIZONA over Seattle
DENVER over Houston

bye week = Carolina and Dallas

"Look, we're up 13-0.  You SURE we have to
play the 4th quarter?"

Week 6
Bears Helmet
Bears lost to the Colts.  Didn't watch the game.  Spent the afternoon outdoors with friends enjoying a sunny warm fall day.

I may not watch this week either.  I think I need to repair part of my backyard fence instead.


Weekly picks -

Last week = 9-5
Season = 42-35

Jacksonville @ Chicago

2 shit teams

I pick the Bears to be the less smelly pile of shit this week

Rest of my week 6 picks (home team in CAPS) :

Denver over SAN DIEGO
BUFFALO over San Francisco
DETROIT over Los Angeles
TENNESSEE over Cleveland
Pittsburgh over MIAMI
NEW ENGLAND over Cincinnati
NEW ORLEANS over Carolina
NY GIANTS over Baltimore
Philadelphia over WASHINGTON
OAKLAND over Kansas City
GOON BAY over Dallas
SEATTLE over Atlanta
HOUSTON over Indianapolis
ARIZONA over NY Jets

bye week = Minnesota, Tampa Bay

"I dunno ... maybe we just aren't good?
Is it ok if I say that?"

Week 5
Bears Helmet
Bears came through for their first win of the year.  Brian Hoyer had 300 yards passing and Jordan Howard over 100 yards rushing in his first NFL start.  And yes, that was an impressive offensive display, however they only netted 17 points, which seems almost impossible given the way they were moving the ball.  The game plan was fine for a change, but the Bears themselves self destructed a lot on 3rd down.  At least 3 drives ended in punts instead of points because the receiver on 3rd down ran a pattern a yard short of the first down stick and got tackled immediately.  This annoyed me because it was so stupid.  If you are going to catch the ball short of the marker you have to be on the move to give yourself a chance.  Nope.  They ran the pattern and stopped.  Caught the ball and went nowhere.  Very stupid.

But, they did win.

And the defense played very well.

The only real negative was the punt return TD special teams gave up with less than 2 minutes left.  Very poor discipline by the coverage team.

But again, they did win.

So can they win more?

Yeah.  I think they can.  A solid defense and re-discovering a running game makes them contenders every week.

But, they are sometimes very stupid, which can counter any good accomplished over the course of the game and give the game away.

Which leaves me confused as to what to expect in the coming games.

But being a Bears fan means one will have issues and confusion, broken up by the random sporadic success.  This is a sad and unsatisfying pattern but one that has been consistent for 2 decades now.

And other fans wonder why we always seem to long for 1985.


Weekly picks -

Last week = 9-6
Season = 33-30

Bears @ Indianapolis

The Bears are playing the Colts at a perfect time since the Colts seem to be in disarray.  Some have declared this dangerous as it means the Colts are akin to a wounded animal.  So ok, let's accept that premise.  The Colts are the wounded animal.  Tthe talent is there for them to explode but instead all they have produced are whimpering efforts short of expectations, and yes, that can change at any time.

But ...

the Bears are a disease ravaged animal, driven insane by the lack of success and lack of focus. They have the talent to be better but not the attention to make it so. The win over the Lions was not the bloodlust it could have been but it was a victory, and that alone can make them believers in themselves. Their core insanity coupled with their new belief success can be theirs will make them a formidable animal to be reckoned with.

Bears win.

The rest of my Week 5 picks (home team in CAPS) :

SAN FRANCISCO over Arizona
New England over CLEVELAND
Philadelphia over DETROIT
Tennessee over MIAMI
MINNESOTA over Houston
BALTIMORE over Washington
DENVER over Atlanta
DALLAS over Cincinnati
OAKLAND over San Diego
Buffalo over LOS ANGELES
GOON BAY over NY Giants
Tampa Bay over CAROLINA

bye week = Jacksonville, Kansas City, New Orleans, Seattle

Run Jordan, run!

Week 4
Bears Helmet
I was so disgusted by the Bears efforts in Dallas I turned off the game at halftime and went to bed.  The first half, which I did watch every painful minute of, had little to be happy about.  I was well rested the next day, so the Bears did help me get more sleep than I usually do after a Sunday Night or Monday Night game.

The Bears of 2016 are beginning to remind me of the Bears during Douchebag Dave Wannstedt's Reign of Error.  During his miserably directed back to back 4-12 seasons, I turned on Bears games with absolutely no hope they could or would win.  And I watched those games apparently because I am a masochist.  The fact I turned off this past Bears game at halftime indicates my masochistic tendencies may be waning.

Then again, I am still a Bears fan, so ....

Only thing to watch for while the rest of this lost campaign plays out is how well the young guys are coming along.  Cody Whitehair is the leader of that group, and he made some very good blocks and increased the effectiveness of his overall line play noticeably.  He will be a star for the Bears for years to come.

Jury is still out on Kevin White.  He needs to get more involved.

Jordan Howard should be the Bears #1 back for the foreseeable future.  He has a real nice burst through the hole, something Langford does not have.  Plus he's fun to watch.

Need more of the young guys taking over positions.  I am all for a veteran fire sale at this point.  Accumulate draft picks and try something different than the tired old shit they are presently putting out there.

Bears are solid at Guard and Center, but both OT's need to go. Maybe start raiding other team's practice squads.

Jerrell Freeman has been the stud horse on defense.  That man can play and I think was an even more impactful acquisition than Danny Trevathan.

I know John Fox has this demented "win now" idea, but he needs to realize the team he currently has can't climb many hills for him.  But if he puts all the young guys out there to earn some quality NFL time, he may have a foundation to do it next year.


Weekly picks -

Last week = 9-7
Season = 24-24

Bears @ Lions - I'm picking the Bears only because :

* no one else on the sports boards is
* the Lions are beatable
* the Bears have to win at some point, so why not this week?

Am I confident in this selection?  Confident enough I am willing to wager the old socks I found in my shed near the lawnmower that I had forgotten about.  They are in the trash at the moment, but I can retrieve them for you if you really wish to make this wager.

The rest of my Week 4 picks (home team in CAPS) :

JACKSONVILLE over Indianapolis (same theory - they have to win sooner or later, right?)
Carolina over ATLANTA
NEW ENGLAND over Buffalo (even if Belichick ends up at QB)
Seattle over NY JETS
WASHINGTON over Cleveland
BALTIMORE over Oakland
HOUSTON over Tennessee
Denver over TAMPA BAY
ARIZONA over Los Angeles
SAN DIEGO over New Orleans
PITTSBURGH over Kansas City
MINNESOTA over NY Giants

bye week = Philadelphia, Goon Bay

Jerrell Freeman - keeping tradition of #50 alive

Well that sucked
Bears Helmet
So ... where to begin?

Jay Cutler in a cast after the game was actually a sign of hope.  I have been all over the map about Cutler.  Hated that the Bears overpaid to trade for him.  Hated him his first year as a Bear when he was an interception dispenser.  Had his back when idiot assholes like Tom "dickcheese" Jackson went off on some biased half assed anti-Cutler rant for no reason.  But now hate him again for returning to being an interception dispenser.

I'm simply tired of him.  Here is a guy with a cannon for an arm who can wow you with some throws and then stick his own head up his own ass and fail miserably with decisions so poor a random drunk pulled from an alley in Chicago and thrown on the field wouldn't go that route.  He has been nothing but a tease his entire time in Chicago, all potential and no tangible results.  He will leave Chicago with the all time Bears passing stats, but since he got the records by surpassing a QB who last took a snap in 1942, is that really that impressive?  Unrealized potential will be his Bears legacy.  Oh blame the coaches and the lack of consistency with offensive coordinators, but all they do is draw things up.  Cutler is the one hitting wide open defenders with errant passes.  So thanks for the memories and the heartburn Jay, but if you never take a snap as a Bears QB ever again, I will be a happy man.

Scrub Brian Hoyer gets a chance to be on a redemption mission.  To show everyone that playoff debacle with the Texans was an anomaly, not who he really is.  We'll see.  2 games in and the season is toast, so why not give any QB with a pulse and who is available an opportunity?

As for a long term solution, I offer the Bears this 5 step program to finding quarterback bliss :

1) Build the offensive line. Until the team has a solid line to protect their high dollar investment, they should continue to sign Hoyer like scrubs to take a beating and maybe have some success. For the offense, the offensive line is key.

2) Define your offensive identity and acquire the people needed to make it work. If you get the QB you want and then keep changing what your offense is going to be about, you may very well change your offense to something your QB can't operate effectively in.

3) Raid other teams Practice Squads. You're the Bears. You don't know shit about QB's. The sorry QB history of the franchise proves that. So steal from others who know wtf they are doing.

4) Draft a QB every single year. Hire a separate QB consulting group if you have to in order to ensure you are actually drafting a QB and not a potted plant named QB. Keep doing this until you actually draft one that works. And even then keep doing it so you are in the practice of having some young gun available to take for a road test.

5) Don't waste draft picks trying to outbid other teams for a QB unless you have that separate QB consulting team running the deal. Because again, you're the Bears. You don't know how to work big trades for QB's (see Rick Mirer ... and a buttload of others ... hell even Cutler ... yes Bears, you overpaid for Cutler when you got him).

So my pre-season dreams have been shattered.  My Kool Aid pitcher has been tossed aside.  And now I am watching with morbid curiosity how the Bears are going to handle this.  Are they going to continue with their "we can win now if we apply ourselves" bullshit?  Or are they going to bite the bullet and deal with their problems with some roster shuffling and player moves?  Because I am fine watching a bunch of young guys lose as they are learning the game and getting prepared for future success.  I am not fine with the stale status quo being foisted upon us as if it is a real plan while we all know it is a pile of shit covered in gold paint.


Weekly picks -

Last week = 8-8
Season = 15-17

Bears at Dallas - the Bears defense played well against Philly even after numerous injuries.  The replacements came onto the field fired up and continued to press.  Unfortunately, the defense could not overcome the offensive ineptitude.  I actually think the Bears have a better chance in this game with Hoyer running the show (now watch him throw 4 picks, which seems to be the thing he does in Texas).

Am I looney enough to actually pick them?  Why not?  I have faith they won't embarrass themselves in back to back prime time games.

Bears defense comes up big, Prescott makes some big rookie mistakes, and the Hoyer led offense actually proves capable.

Bears 26-24 - winning points coming on a blocked punt that goes through the back of the endzone for a safety.

The rest of my week 3 picks (home team in CAPS)

Houston over NEW ENGLAND
Arizona over BUFFALO
Denver over CINCINNATI
GREEN BAY over Detroit
Oakland over TENNESSEE
MIAMI over Cleveland
NY GIANTS over Washington
CAROLINA over Minnesota
Baltimore over JACKSONVILLE
SEATTLE over San Francisco
TAMPA BAY over Los Angeles
PHILADELPHIA over Pittsburgh
NEW ORLEANS over Atlanta

and it's a FUMBLE ....

and now it is the Brian Hoyer era ... or game ... or whatever


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