boris13c (boris13c) wrote,

Chicago Bears Lament (sung to The Sopranos theme)

You woke up this morning
you hoped the Bears had won,
cuz watching them lately,
sure has not been fun.

They got, quarterback roulette
and you hope that one will shine,
but as you watch them fail,
you see they all should grab some pine.

You woke up this morning
all that love had gone,
Papa Bear spinnin in his grave,
during this team's sad swan song.

Things just ain't been the same
since Mike Ditka left the town,
you know there should be some ups,
to go with all these downs.

You woke up this morning
wished it was all a dream,
and what makes it hurt much more,
are the assholes in yellow and green.

When you woke up this morning
with the world turned upside down,
the fucking Packers had won,
the NFC North crown.

But at least you're breathin,
and you know you are alive,
but you need something more to cling to,
than 1985.

woke up this morning,
the Bears had shit the bed,
the season is at an end,
it surely hurts your head.


Weekly picks -

Last week = 12-4
Regular Season Total = 152-102-2

Wild Card Playoff Round

Saturday Jan 7th :

Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans - both teams enter the playoffs in QB hell, but for different reasons.  I don't think home field advantage will mean much for the Texans.

my pick :  Raiders

Detroit Lions @ Seattle Seahawks - Detroit was my sentimental favorite until the choked at home against the Packers to lose the NFC North.  Hope Seattle beats them by 50

my pick : Seahawks

Sunday Jan 8th :

Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers - Dolphins also hurt by the QB injury bug, and the Steelers will be PO'd at almost losing to the Browns as they did a sleep walk through their final regular season game.

my pick : Steelers

New York Giants @ Goon Bay Packers - I don't want the Packers to win, but I don't see how the Giants will do anything about it.

my reluctant pick : Packers

" ... back when the Chicago Bears were men

they need a new Ditka to right the ship"
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