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Week 13 - Bears WR's have hands like feet

So now it is the Matt Barkley show.  A guy the Bears obtained after Hoyer broke his arm but that no one paid a whole lot of attention to, thinking he will never see the field anyway.

But this is the Bears we're talking about.  A franchise that hasn't truly had the QB position figured out since Sid Luckman last played in 1950.  So of course Barkley played.  His first actual NFL start.  And he played well.  But he was ultimately done in by his available receivers having hands like feet.  Wilson dropped a TD pass that hit him in the hands (then he kicked the ball into the butt of an innocent security guard).  Bellamy dropped what would have been the game winning TD pass that also hit him right in the hands.  Thompson also dropped one, but his was tougher as he decided to fall down in the endzone without being touched and had the ball go off his chest as he dove forward for it.

So now of course are the chants for Barkley as the man going into 2017.  Because the only QB Bears fans seem to love is the backup QB.  At least until he becomes the full time starter and shows why he should have remained a backup.  Clowns such as Mike Tomczak, who could throw the prettiest passes in practice, and who played well in relief appearance when McMahon was hurt.  So the Bears of course trade McMahon, make Tomczak the starter, and discover he seemed to intentionally look for double coverage to throw into.  The Bears went nowhere with him running the show.

All indications are Jay Cutler won't be a Bear in 2017.  John Fox simply doesn't like or want him.  Which is fine I suppose as Jay really has worn out his welcome.  So now the game of who will replace him begins, and Barkley is a good start to that.  He will be playing for his football life in these last 5 games, either to show he should be with the Bears or as a solid audition tape for someone else.  What that means is he will be playing his ass off trying to win games, which will then lower the Bears draft pick in the first round.  Because that's just how the Bears are.  They save their winning streaks for the end of lost seasons just so they can screw up their draft position.  They've done it at least twice in recent past, so this will be no different.

The QB's slated to be free agents in 2017 are slim pickings.  A bunch of schmoes actually.  Nick Foles is a shining exception, so if the Bears truly are intent on getting rid of Cutler, Foles could be the answer.  So sign Foles, bring back Barkley and Shaw, and then draft a QB in the second round and maybe another one in the 5th.  Hopefully out of all of that, 2 useful QB options will emerge along with a rookie to develop.

Another name being thrown around as a guy "with an arm and potential" is Blaine Gabbert, but to me he just looks like a younger version of Cutler, and his "coachable flaws" have yet to be dealt with.

Guess we'll see.  This off season should be interesting.


Weekly picks -

Last week = 13-3
Season = 102-73-2

San Francisco @ Chicago - there is no reason the Bears cannot win this game other than their WR's have hands like feet.  But I think even with that they can win this.  I also wabt to see the defense bash the allegedly rejuvenated Colin Kaper-dick around like a rag doll.

The question for many will be, do the Bears want to win this game for a chance to finish the season 3-13?   This is the only game left on their schedule I think they easily handle.  Everyone else they'll be facing will be fighting for their playoff lives when they play the Bears.

I think the players who will be on the field will want to win, and I think their efforts will bear fruit.

Bears 26
49ers 18

The rest of my Week 13 picks (home team in CAPS) :

Dallas over MINNESOTA
ATLANTA over Kansas City
Philadelphia over CINCINNATI
GOON BAY over Houston
NEW ENGLAND over Los Angeles
NEW ORLEANS over Detroit
Miami over BALTIMORE
OAKLAND over Buffalo
Washington over ARIZONA
SAN DIEGO over Tampa Bay
SEATTLE over Carolina
NY JETS over Indianapolis

bye = Cleveland, Tennessee

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